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Got a question about our Ice Sculptures? Find out if your answer is covered here. If not please Contact Us for more information.


How much does an ice sculpture cost?
Anything from 40 Dollars up. Fill out an enquiry form and we can send you a price. Custom made ice sculptures tend to be more expensive then our stocked ice sculptures.


Can I have something different?
Yes you can! Contact us with what you wish to have made in ice!


How long does an ice sculpture last for?
Ice sculptures are dependent upon the atmospheric conditions of the room, time of day and size of the sculpture. Anything from three to twenty four hours.


Where does the water go when it melts?
The ice sculptures sit on catch trays which allow water to drip off them into an unseen area of the catch tray. A refundable deposit is required when using a catch tray.


How much is delivery to my event?
Ice sculptures are delivered to your venue with delivery fees starting from $50, this includes the pick up of drip trays.


How much notice is required before the event?
All bookings must be made four weeks prior to the event. Cancellation fees may apply.  Earlier bookings are possible subject to the time of year.


How can I pay?
Payments can be made by Direct Debit into our bank account or cash. Contact Us if you require additional payment methods.


Can I place things inside them to freeze - little roses?
Yes it is possible to place items inside some of the ice sculptures. Please Contact Us with your enquiry to find out if it’s possible to freeze your specific item.