Ice Sculptures Perth brings you some great packages for your special event. Please note these packages are not set in stone so if you would like to mix and match have fun. Have a look at our ice sculpture page to see all our ice sculptures and if you are looking for somthing a little different let us know and we can take care of it for you. Our ice sculptures can come in different colors and scents, as well as a great lighting setup all to make your event special!


swan package

Swan Package

1 x Double Heart Shaped Swans

5 x Table Piece Small champaign Swans

This is our most popular package. The swans create the perfect romantic setting for your wedding, they are beautiful and glowing in their appearance.


Hearts Pagage

Hearts Package

1 x  Twin Heart with your name engraved

5 x Table Piece Hearts

The hearts package is great for a center piece on your table or on the sides. The table pieces really bring the place to life. They are great for using in photos and give your guests somthing to talk about!


Cruising Package

Cruising Package

1 x Large Sail boat

5 x Lifeboat Table Pieces

The cruising package is for those who love the ocean. The sail boat lights up and is beautiful to see. Imagine that ocean cruising honey moon coming up with this spectacular ice display.


Buffet ware package

Buffet Ware Package

1 x Large Serving Clam

2 x Medium Clam or 2 x Leaf Bowls

2 x Large Crystal Punch Bowls

The buffet ware package is great for keeping your salads, foods, and drinks cold. People will be amazed at the large clam and the clear punch bowl. Have your function stand out by serving your food in an extravagent and stylish ice dish ware.